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How do we determine the right price for your home as REALTORS®?

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We assist you in determining your home’s current market value in order to attract buyers and ensure you receive the best highest price possible. “Market value” is the price one could expect to pay for a property of that type if you have enough market exposure.
As your Realtor, I have access to data from a variety of sources to help determine the market value of your home. When I’m hired to give pricing advice, I can:

We can then provide an estimate of the value of your property based on this information, and then we can decide on an appropriate asking price together.

The majority of successful home sellers have one thing in common: they enlist the assistance of a good Realtor to guide them through the complicated process of selling their home.

You may ask yourself what’s the difference between the assessed value of my home and the value that we as Realtor determine for your home?

BC Assessment (BCA), the provincial government agency in charge of classifying and assessing BC real property, determines the assessed value on a municipal property tax notice. BCA has a property database of nearly 2 million listings.

BCA’s estimate of value is based on the previous July 1st, so values may be six months behind. BCA appraisers are not necessarily able to visit every single property in order to update values. further, some homes may have substantial upgrades that may not have been taken into account by BCA’s estimate of value.

We will examines the most recent comparable market data for homes sold in a neighbourhood using the MLS® to determine the value of a property. We also inspects the property’s exterior and interior, as well as architectural styles, renovations, views, landscaping, and zoning.

When every lot and home on a street are essentially the same, BCA’s and Realtor’s estimates of value will be similar. However differences in price usually occurs based on the time of year the home is being valued, when the home is unique and has features like views and custom renovations.

Contact us today and we can work with you to finalize an accurate listing price for your property.

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